Gwen PayneGwen, who is from Tunisia and studied in Switzerland and England before graduating from Stanford, has lived in Sedona for the past six years.

Gwen brings depth, heart and release to out retreats in the most joyful of manners. Through doing so, her job is to take our authors deeper and into closer contact and connection with their Divine Author Withins. And in doing so, an every greater release of passion and inspiration is experienced, enabling us to accomplish much more at our retreats, through finally getting over all of those nagging mental, emotional and physical blockages that just seem to get in our way.

Gwen is available to work on an individual basis with our authors at our retreats, leaving a life lasting impression on our authors through showing, before the end of every retreat, each and everyone how to clear their blockages if ever they should ever arise again.

The dramatic impact that Gwen has on our authors can be best described by Mary de la Pena, one of our authors:


By Mary de la Peña, author and criminal defense lawyer

October 23, 2013

It is with great pleasure, coupled with amazement, that I tell you about my experiences with the clearing and breath exercises done by Debra Diane and Gwen. The results were amazing, and almost beyond disbelief for a skeptic such as me. My writing has improved, my speed has improved, and more importantly, rewards and opportunities are flowing to me at an incredible speed.

Let me explain:

I met Gwen at a writer’s retreat given by Tom Bird in Sedona, Arizona. I had attended other retreats given by Tom and was generally pleased with my writing, but unhappy about my apparent inability to reach sales goals. I felt blocked and over-burdened with anxiety knowing I was no longer doing what I needed to do in order to meet my goals. In so many respects I felt my life was not under my control which was frustrating.

Bless Tom Bird from understanding that many of his students had the same fears and anxieties. He brought a new element to the retreats, which was Gwen, a life and breath coach who worked with us to help us writers transition more quickly into a relaxed and open state so we could write. Working with her the very first night I felt a huge difference in my ability to immediately transition into a creative state. In two days I finished a book from beginning to end with the book needing very little in rewrite or revision. But, the most amazing things were yet to come.

Tom suggested I work with Gwen’s partner, Debra Diane to allow her to “clear” the negative forces around me that were holding me back from reaching my divine purpose. Admittedly I was skeptical, but had promised myself that I would open my being to whatever was put in front of me to help me get past so much that was negative in my life. It was the best decision I have ever made.

I stayed after the retreat to work with Gwen and Debra Diane. Debra Diane works remotely, meaning she is not present in the room, but rather works over the phone. She asked me a few questions, but mainly asked me to be silent so she could work without my influence leading her. She did tell me she felt an “ugly presence” from somewhere beyond the grave. I was able to explain who that could be, and within moments she “cleared” it. Strangely enough, I immediately felt lighter and more at peace. She also told me that one of my books would “put my law firm on the map”, and that I would have best sellers which would bring great opportunities.

When I finished with Debra Diane I immediately met with Gwen who led me through a deep exercise of breath work that took me to incredible places within my soul, pointing out my true friends and helping me heal from too much hurt that had happened to me over my life. Tears, tears, and more tears, I cried releasing all the hurt, anger, and pain I carried for myself and others. I left to drive back to Laughlin, Nevada and the trip was amazing in that I felt all my senses come alive for the first time in a very long time. I reveled in the peace that settled on me with a knowingness that my life was just starting on the tract where it belonged.

With the help of these two amazing women I finally could put aside the karmatic decision I made to carry the weight of other’s pain and suffering.

When I arrived home I made sure my clients had copies of the book I wrote especially for them. Within hours of them receiving the book my phone started ringing at the law office. Within days my law practice increased exponentially! Within this last month and a half my law partner and I have made back most of the money we lost during the recession. And, our law firm is now recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the United States. All of this has happened since working with Debra Diane and Gwen.

Buy, wait—there’s more! I know I sound like a commercial, but this is the amazing part, in the last two weeks a major star in the industry has approached me to produce a TV series based on one of my characters from my mystery series, Murder Most Blonde with Detective Jake Swanson.

If this had not happened to me, a lawyer, and true skeptic, I would never have believed it! Sometimes, there really are things beyond us. It takes healing in the truest sense of the word. Without a doubt, Debra Diane and Gwen are these incredible healers that touch deep into souls to finally lead them into the light.

I highly recommend them to anyone who seeks to find a way to live their lives to their highest and best potential.

Love and Peace, Mary de la Peña

Stuck in a rut that you are just dying to get out of? Gwen is only a call away 928-451-5020 or email her at to set an appointment with her.


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